Laundreez Portable Clothes Washer

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Laundreez Portable Clothes Washer Description

Product Description For anyone who travels, the less to pack the better. Laundreez was designed to allow those on the move the freedom to wash clothes anytime, anywhere. Hotels laundry services are expensive, laundromats time consuming and sinks often unavailable or too small. Toss a Laundreez into your luggage and take control. Travel smart and travel light. From the Manufacturer Easy Fill Screw Cap Laundreez’ patented design makes it effortless to fill and pour away liquid. The screw cap is easy to open and is watertight when closed. No need to struggle keeping clothes in the Laundreez when pouring away dirty water. Clear Robust Waterproof The multi-functional Laundreez is large enough to handle several items of clothing saving time and reducing the amount of water required. Save Water Water is used efficiently. No splashing or seeping through the drain as with a sink. Fabric-Friendly The smooth interior prevents harm to clothes, so it is safe for all delicate items. By safely soaking clothes clean, the detergent is allowed to do its work. Portable Laundreez can be folded in various ways to fit neatly into any suitcase or backpack. Travel with Freedom Laundreez was designed for those who enjoy travel, want to pack light, like to stay fresh and appreciate their freedom. Laundreez is easy to use, safe on all clothes and works with detergents by allowing clothes to soak clean. Laundreez was designed to offer flexibility — use as a clothes washer, a dry bag, a water carrier or for packing wet items. It is built to withstand countless uses (unlike a zip closure bag) making it better for the environment. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Portable Clothes Washer How did you come up with the idea for this product? We searched for alternatives for washing clothes when away from home. The traditional solutions — laundromat or sink — did not meet our needs as often neither was conveniently available. Using plastic zip bags was not very successful and was wasteful. Dry bags worked marginally better except when trying to pour away water and keep the clothes in the dry bag. Laundreez simple concept works for cleaning and so many other uses. What makes your product special? Laundreez is versatile and robust. While developing Laundreez, we recognized customers did not want a limited use item (i.e. a bag for only washing clothes) but rather something with multiple uses. Laundreez simple structure allows customers to use it as a normal dry bag, as a collapsible water carrier, as a cooler bag, or when packing, as a compression bag or toiletries bag. Replacement caps for the Laundreez will allow the Laundreez to be used as a trigger spray bottle or a shower. And unlike travel items that are stored in a closet, Laundreez is a great companion for multiple uses at home. What has been the best part of your startup experience? The best part of the creation process was seeing designs become reality and hearing positive feedback from users. Our biggest challenge was securing patents before production because the concept is simple. Additional screw caps (shower and trigger sprayer) for the Laundreez are being developed, so we had to ensure consistent product quality.

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